A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals

This We the People group suggests that youth create a video telling what they will do for one of the SDGs and share it with others.

Youth Investigate a Goal and Present to Others


Holocaust Memorial Day


What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was a period in history at the time of World War Two (1939-1945), when millions of Jews were murdered because of who they were.

Pupils could discuss how events in history (such as the Holocaust) have shaped the way we live today. What influence has it had on society, communities and relationships? How has our understanding of history changed? Why is it important for these stories to be shared with new generations?

Prague 1939. Ten year old Milena Fleishman is about to start a long journey from her home in Prague to England. Milena is one of those children leaving Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on one of the trains arranged by Nicholas Winton, that later became known as the ‘kindertransport’.

Have a great school year!

A new school year is starting tomorrow, I’d like to wish all my “old” and “new” students and colleagues a great start and a wonderful school year full of meaningful experiences and unique people to meet.
Do not stop using your imagination and creativity to face your everyday life with its difficulties and goals; be always curious to know more than what you already know, be willing to travel a lot, to meet people from different countries, to communicate with them to share your world  with all the ones who are around you.

                                                       Keep on dreaming and thinking BIG!




               Happy school year!

Expo2015 Trailer


I will be at Expo IT

il mio Short Food Movie a Expo (1)

La classe 3° A ha realizzato un percorso inerente all’alimentazione nell’ambito di “EXPO Milano 2015” attraverso un progetto CLIL. Abbiamo lavorato in ambiente cloud come Google Drive ed Edmodo, per coinvolgere tutti gli studenti nel progetto e utilizzato Audacity per effettuare le registrazioni audio e Skype per le interviste On-Line.
Infine si è svolto, su, un momento di revisione, nel quale ognuno ha dato il suo contributo, mettendo in campo le proprie peculiarità.
La classe ha acquisito consapevolezza del percorso didattico effettuato e manifestato interesse per il lavoro svolto in gruppo, in modo sempre attivo e costruttivo.
Le interviste hanno ampliato e consolidato il dialogo educativo, creando momenti di confronto con le famiglie e gli esperti esterni.


Analisi del 2014


I folletti delle statistiche di hanno preparato un rapporto annuale 2014 per questo blog.

Ecco un estratto:

Una metropolitana a New York trasporta 1 200 persone. Questo blog è stato visto circa 4.300 volte nel 2014. Se fosse una metropolitana di New York, ci vorrebbero circa 4 viaggi per trasportare altrettante persone.

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